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Margit Piffer

"Body Landscapes and Human Images"

Born in 1953 in Wörgl, Tyrol, Austria. Margit Piffer is a drawer who also paints. Human beings play a predominant role in Piffer's paintings. She is an observer, takes a closer look at the body from all sides, deconstructs it in her mind and then reassembles it again. She uses a forceful brushstroke and paints with impressive confidence. Female as well as male bodies turn out to be complex body landscapes whose mountains and valleys symbolise the different facets of their souls.

Extracts Of Activities & Exhibitions

1993-1994 First encounters with water-colour paintings
1995 Water-colour painting with Gerhard Almbauer
1996 Drawing and nude drawings with Prof. Helmut Nindl
1996 Group exhibition organised by the Chamber of Employees in Innsbruck
1997 International summer academy Innsbruck "art didacta" "Painting and Drawing Protraits" with Anton Petz, visiting professor at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and free-lance artist in Munich
1997 Nude drawing with Heinrich Fellenz, Vienna
1998 Group exhibition at the "Rural Cultural Society", St. Magarethen - Buch
1998 Solo exhibition at Episas, Ebbs
1998 Solo exhibition at the Chamber of Employees, Innsbruck
1998 Solo exhibition at Café Ibounig, Wörgl
1998 Permanent exhibition at Gallery Schafferer, Innsbruck
1999 International summer academy Innsbruck "art didacta" "Nude Drawing" with Prof. Fritz Martinz
1999 Solo exhibition at the Chamber of Employees, Seehof, Innsbruck
1999 Solo exhibition at the "Cultural Assoc. UNOS" Langkampfen
2000 Solo exhibition at I PIEDI, Hopfgarten
2000 Nude drawing with Prof. Fritz Martinz at "art didacta"
2000 Solo exhibition "Pleasures of Senses", Söll
2002 Group exhibition at 3ème SALON D'AUTOMNE de SEREZ, South France
2002 1st award of the town Soreze
2002 1st award for the theme "VIBRATION"
2002 Solo exhibition Gallery Thuillier, Paris

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Akt 2000 (Nude) Akt (Nude)
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