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Anna Maria Rossi-Zen

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"Representative of Pointillism, Postimpressionism and of the modern age"

Born in 1941 in Adria, province of Regio, Italy. She studied at the "Academia di Belli Arti". During the first two decades of her artistic activity she took part in many national and international art competitions and got numerous prizes and awards. Invitations to important international art exhibitions included:

  • Museo Sant' Apollonia Venice, 1986
  • L'Uomo, L'Albero e il Fiume in Castel Ivano 1990
  • International exhibition of female art "Decumano Secondo" Verona
Innumerable exhibitions and purchases of museums and collectors in her home country Italy, in Europe and abroad as well as numerous publications, catalogues and art books show her international appreciation.

This academic painter ranks as one of the most important and successful artists of the alpine region and is known far beyond the borders of her home country Italy as one of the few artists who - without - stylistic incongruity, have created a continuous development from impressionism to the abstract modern age and thus have built a bridge between the centuries and its characteristic artistic styles.

Some of her more than 300 exhibitions included:

1963 - 1975 Exhibitions exclusively in Italy - in all important cities and galleries.
1976 - 1991 Galleria Citta eterna, Rome, Galerie Hoefler, Nuernberg, Germany, Stamperia d'Arte Brussels, Belgium, Rassegna d'Arte Triveneta, Padova, Palazzo delle Terme, Levico Terme, Fiera Internazionale, Milan, Galleria L'Agostiniana Rome.
From 1992 - 1998 Mexico, France, Chile, Luxembourg, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Gallerie Schafferer Innsbruck, Austria.

Since then her works are presented worldwide in many galleries, museums, collections and exhibitions.

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Sogno A Venezia - Oil On Canvas Campagno In Festo Dittico - Oil On Canvas
80 x 120 cm 80 x 160 cm
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